Work with Me

Whitney Small, Personal Trainer

In-Person Training (san luis Obispo county, California)

As a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor on the central coast, I invite you to become a part of our fitness family! I teach and train at a variety of clubs and gyms in San Luis Obispo and surrounding areas, and I have experience training all ages and all abilities at very affordable rates. My goal is to help the community live happier and healthier lives through my classes and personal training.

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Online Health & Fitness Coaching

No matter where you live, I would love to help you. I have taken everything I have learned running group fitness and one-on-one classes and applied it to on-line coaching. It’s been an explosion of success. As an online fitness coach, I help people all over the country live fit and healthy lives. We don’t need to live in the same zip code to work together.

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Virtual Challenge Groups

I run monthly virtual fitness and nutrition groups on Facebook to give you the best tips and coaching possible. I offer daily encouragement, motivation and support to people, and I have created a great fitness community for your success.

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Wellness Coach Training

All I had was a dream and determination when I started my training buesiness, and that’s all you need. As your mentor, I will help you put it all into action. I was at my lowest point – both physically and mentally – when I started to coach. In fact, I didn’t know the first thing about starting my own business before I started my own business… I just knew being my own boss was something I had always wanted!

I wanted to create a lifestyle and career that would allow me to have:

  • More TIME with my family and my fur babies
  • More FREEDOM to do the things I wanted
  • More MONEY to help fund my Dream Dog Rescue
  • HEALTH so that I could enjoy my life
  • PASSION for whatever I was doing, and
  • To live a life of PURPOSE and with CONFIDENCE

I knew what I wanted, I knew it was worth striving for, and I was determined to figure it out. That’s exactly what I’ve done. I’m just a girl who decided to GO FOR IT. How about you?