I make it my sole mission and purpose to get people results. It’s that simple! But you don’t have to take my word on it – here are some of my clients’ success stories…

transformation-1 transformation-5

Whitney you are a rockstar! Thank you for the constant motivation. This private group training couldn’t have come at a better time for me, I needed the accountability and support. I actually went to a hotel gym on vacation, I was always the one trying to tell my friends they were crazy for working out on vacation! I have learned to schedule my workouts and make them a priority, and I know I can do it going forward! ~Denise S

60 days of Whit’s group with my daily superfoods was a blessing!!! It got me geared up to have this experience on the North Shore today to celebrate and feel 100% supported, courageous, and joyful in my own body, mind, and soul. Love everyday, hard work, good people, and healthy living make for magical moments!!! Great work everyone and I hope to keep this program going and just keep growing brighter and continue to learning together. Shout out to our fearless and courageous goddess of health and love Whitney! You give the good stuff that life is meant to have shared!!! Aloha and Mahalo ~Erin L

Thanks for being such an inspiration. Absolutely love you. I really needed this program can’t thank you enough. ~ Heather T

I can see such a difference in my ‘after’ photos. My hips look smaller, yahoo! Damn that scale! You are the best! Would never have gotten to this place without your encouragement! ~Leslie J

transformation-2 transformation-3

Weighing in at 135 this morning! I officially don’t fit into any of my clothes anymore! And I’m getting side abs!! No joke! I love working on them more now that I can feel my progress! And I can do bicycles for a solid minute which I never used to be able to do bicycles in the first place. Thank you Whitney! ~C.S.

Thanks for everything Whitney. I am so happy with the results. You were an inspiring coach and I would love to work with again sometime. Please continue to keep me in the loop white you are starting new groups. ~ Claire G

Whit- loved our pool session today. It’s like opening up a whole new world. Thanks so much for taking me on, tired and draggin or not, and making the experience totally positive!!! You rock! ~Debbie H

If someone were to tell me at the beginning of this challenge that my “something I love post” would be a picture of myself, I’d call you crazy. But now I look in the mirror and love myself and my body like crazy. This challenge (and Whitney Small) have changed my whole outlook on being body positive! Woohoo for loving yourself for who you are and not what anyone else wants you to be/ look! And the best news- we still have 4 weeks left!! ~Claire S

…And here is a before-and-after of my OWN transformation using the principles I want to share with you!


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