How I Became a “Shake Person”

When I was first introduced to Shakeology, I was training for Ironman Cozumel, and my immediate response when presented with the shake was, “I’m definitely not a “shake person” – I prefer to chew my food… and I definitely don’t need a meal replacement!” … In fact, I needed to consume MORE calories due to my rigorous workout schedule…not fewer!

But, I reluctantly tried a sample of it before one of my long bike rides one summer morning and was blown away by the results! I didn’t BONK (aka “hit the wall”), and I ended up riding 75 miles and STILL had energy by the end of the ride! I then followed the ride with my second helping of Shakeology for the day, and it helped me so much with my recovery! Very little soreness or fatigue the next day! Needless to say… I became a believer and haven’t missed a day of drinking this superfood smoothie in over 3 years!

What’s in A Shake?

I tell my clients mixing up a Shakeology smoothie is like going to the Whole Foods juice bar and asking them to put every weird-sounding superfood ingredient they offer into the blender on top of all the raw veggies and then gulping it down for a snack or a meal! The difference is…when I go to Whole Foods, those smoothies/juices cost me upwards of $10 by the time I add all of the ingredients I need for my healthy meal/snack of the day.




Acai Berries





Camu Camu

Chia Seeds
















Shakeology costs me $3.50 a serving and many times I will have a couple servings per day, spaced out, because it’s just so much easier, cost effective, and healthier to drink a smoothie in between clients and in between workouts and in between commutes to the gym, than it is to cram down a belly-stuffing meal.

The ingredients in Shakeology have made a difference in my daily diet – nutrition that I was not getting from my typical meals –  that have made me an all around better athlete, trainer, and healthier woman.

To try a sample box of every flavor of Shakeology, just click and you’ll receive a week’s worth of awesome nutrition delivered right to your doorstep! No need to go to the Whole Foods Juice bar everyday to get the same awesome nutrition! (not to mention this tastes WAY better than those gag-worthy wheat grass shots)

7 day Shakeology Sampler

And if you’re a reader/researcher like myself and want to learn more, check out my Shakeology website below…

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