Online Coaching

How can I help you if you don’t live in my hometown?

It’s EASY!

If you live anywhere in the U.S or Mexico or Canada…

I would love to help you. I have taken everything I have learned running group fitness and one-on-one classes and applied it to online coaching. It’s been an explosion of success. As an online fitness coach, I help people all over the country live fit and healthy lives. We don’t need to live in the same zip code to work together. I run monthly virtual challenge groups on Facebook to give you the best tips and coaching possible. I offer daily encouragement, motivation and support to people and create a great fitness community for your success. Click HERE for more information about Virtual Challenge Groups.


The Fitness Offering

The value of working with me virtually is my coaching, support, and expertise. I offer motivation and support on top of fun prizes and incentives to keep you on track, and we use the most amazing workout plans and meal plans catered to your goals to get you some incredible results.

I connect people with their soul mate workouts, whether you love weights, cardio, dancing, yoga, or pilates… I have something that can work for you thanks to all of my group fitness trainings and PT experience.

Many of the people I help are runners, walkers, traithletes, aging adults, as well as women post-baby. Fitness comes in many forms. The more forms you can embrace, the better you are at staying committed. I personally teach a lot of fitness classes at my health club, but love providing you with workouts I’ve created that you can do at home if we don’t live close to one another.

How About Nutrition?

For nutrition, I encourage people to plan their meals, reduce processed food, drink a lot of water, cut fast food, and eat more colorful meals with whole food ingredients.

To learn more about my meal plans and to get some FREE ideas to test out, Click on this FREE Nutrition Group link!

In addition, I personally use Shakeology for daily health and wellness. I was introduced to Shakeology from my traithlete friend Jenn Wall and she still helps clients with it every single day. It is a nutrient dense smoothie (not a diet shake) created by the company Beachbody (the makers of fitness programs like P90X and Insanity). They managed to create the only health food shake on the market with all the benefits and no drawbacks… i.e. artificial sweeteners, colors or added junk. Even the vanilla in the shakes is the real deal. It comes from vanilla beans grown in the remote fields of Madagascar, not from a syrup or fake substitute. It is gluten free and caffeine free with vegan options as well!

To try a sample of each flavor that my friend Jenn offers and to get a week of clean eating menus included by me, (click here).

Shakeology has more than 70 essential vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, protein, phytonutrients, antioxidants and digestive enzymes. It is a powerful multivitamin in a delicious meal that is the equivalent to five trips to a salad bar.

It changed my body and changed my energy. I started drinking Shakeology when it first hit the market after years of research around the world. I immediately noticed a difference in my energy – within 5 days of shakes my Ironman workouts literally felt easier. It was like I had been nutrient deprived without knowing it! Soon after, all my stomach bloating and discomfort went away. My skin and nails grew stronger and I shed some stubborn fat on my abdomen. It’s been years now of drinking Shakeology and I can’t imagine my daily diet without it. It’s breakfast when I’m rushing out the door, or lunch between training clients or leading classes, or dinner when I hit a late night workout and want something light yet protein and nutrient dense before bed. I make it fit my life and it fills me up. Jenn is an amazing coach and can help answer all of your questions about the smoothie and it’s ingredients… her website is linked here…  (to learn more about Jenn and Shakeology and its amazing ingredients, click here).

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