Ronna’s Life-Changing Transformation!

Omg omg omg!!! Please help me give a HUGE SHOUTOUT to this amazing woman right here!! My cousin Ronna!!!!

Ronna has ALWAYS been someone I have looked up to so much in life, and now she has become my #1 accountability buddy with all of our 21 Day Fix workouts and our daily Shakeology beverages and meal plan!!!

She has the greatest work ethic and FIGHT of any woman I know, and there isn’t one thing you could throw at Ronna that she couldn’t overcome!!! She is the strongest woman in all senses of the word, and I so much aspire to be like her one day!

I sent this picture to Ronna yesterday and said… “do you even recognize that woman on the left?”

Healthy Lifestyle Transformation

She allowed me to share her MIND BLOWING transformation today because we know that there are other women out there that feel like Ronna felt, and we know that her story can inspire those women to just START… and even if it’s small… just make little changes here or there as you begin your journey.

If her story and her transformation can help one woman, if it can help save one life… that’s what it’s all about!!!

Ronna is the first to recognize that this has been a “very long process of re-training the right portion size. Along with mild exercise and just trying to eat healthy!”

After her first baby Corben, Ronna lost almost all the baby weight and then got pregnant with her second baby. She says that all the bad habits started again after he was born. For the next 8 years (and two more amazing children) after that, she kept eating with very little exercise.

It wasn’t until 2011 that she decided she was ready TO MAKE A CHANGE!

It has taken 6 years for her to achieve the PHENOMENAL shape she is in today! The old ways of eating and being stagnant are “in her rear view mirror now.”

There is NOTHING that will get in her way of achieving her goals!!! She is the most selfless hard working woman and Mom I know!!!

I am soooo excited to be by her side on this journey and watch her getting stronger and stronger by the minute with 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme.

She makes it a point to make her Shakeology cafe latte, strawberry, or chocolate every day and she sticks to her portion control containers and good group counts that the meal plans outline as much as she can!!!

Are there still days where she enjoys a treat or dessert?! HECK YA! She’s a “Smith” afterall… I CAN SAY THAT BEING IN THE SMITH FAMILY…. WE WERE BORN WITH SWEET TOOTHS!Are there day’s where she doesn’t feel like working out?! ABSOLUTELY!!

But guess what?! It’s the 80/20 RULE! And it’s the compound effect!! Good smart healthy choices over time, compound and PAY OFF!!!

The results will come!! Can you imagine what you could achieve if you gave yourself 6 years to be on this journey?!

THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS, and Ronna is a true testament to show us all what’s possible!!!

Thank you for inspiring us all Ronna and for being amazing, authentic, incredible YOU!

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6 Ways to Flip Your Body-Shaming Script

We can place part of the blame for body shaming on the media: you have to have visible ab muscles, super-toned yoga shoulders, a skinny waist and other social media-manifested benchmarks such as the “thigh gap”.

But constant evaluation and judgment is also just how our brains process the world around us, and it might take some work to get to a place where that process doesn’t erode our self-esteem.

According to Holly Parker, Ph.D., a psychotherapist, Harvard University lecturer, and author, “Brains are like 4-year-olds hopped up on candy. They run around posting labels on everything they see. They come up with all kinds of things, and some are going to be accurate, but other thoughts won’t serve us and might not even be true.”

Which isn’t to say that body shaming is behavior we should accept as inevitable. Body negativity can contribute to depression and eating disorders in addition to low self-esteem. It plants a seed that encourages people to feel worse about themselves. And it has consequences beyond just feeling bad about yourself; it spreads into other domains of your life.

Here’s how to change the conversation the next time you have a negative exchange with yourself.


1. Focus on the Tangible

An easy way to ruin your day is to focus on what you “are” rather than on what you can do. How strong is “strong enough”? You’re not “athletic enough” or “fit enough” — compared to whom?

If you find yourself doing this, write down your successes instead – no matter how small. Remind yourself that you just got promoted at work, scored an internship you wanted, have a black belt in karate or went for a 15-minute walk. Chances are nothing on your list will have to do with the size of your jeans.

For example, if increasing your strength is important to you, set a goal more specific than just “get stronger.” Try adding an additional pound of weight to your workouts each week. When you hold plank 30 seconds longer than you did a week ago, celebrate that.

2. Put Thoughts in Their Place

It isn’t easy, but it’s helpful to reframe our thoughts, which takes away some of their power to make us feel bad about ourselves.

“When we notice something, our mind tells us a story about it,” Parker explains. “We have a choice about whether we buy into those stories, but what’s interesting is that we don’t realize it. Our mind tells us that what we think is the truth.”

To help people reframe how they view the thoughts that enter their minds, Parker suggests visualizing that you’re walking through a grocery store and looking at all the products. “Do you buy everything? No,” she says. “You might pull something off a shelf, look at it and then put it back. Try thinking about thoughts in same way.”

3. Separate the Thought From the Judgment

Most of us are wired to accept our negative thoughts without question but scrutinize and doubt positive ones, Parker says. So when you look in the mirror and think, “I’m gross,” it can feel like you’re stating a fact, but you’re not. Being mindful helps you realize you’re making a judgment, not stating a reality.

Acknowledging, “OK, right now I’m having this THOUGHT that I’m gross” feels differently than just thinking, ‘I’m gross.’” It helps us pull back and have some perspective on the thought – and be more accurate in how we assess ourselves.

4. Don’t Ignore Negative Self-Talk

It might sound counterintuitive to tell people to not banish body-shaming thoughts from their minds. But Parker says that advice to do so isn’t helpful because when people try to push thoughts away, they come back more forcefully.

If someone feels sad and another person tells him or her to stop being so negative, it can make them feel worse and unheard. Rather than trying to silence that negative voice, acknowledge that the thought came up.

“I don’t tell people to lie to themselves or have a Pollyanna attitude that everything is great,” Parker says. “Changing how they talk to themselves is about promoting more accuracy and self-compassion, because negative labels or statements can feel like facts when they’re not.”

5. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

I know what I just said about acknowledging negative self-talk, but you need to stop worrying, “Why don’t I look like Beyonce/Taylor Swift/(insert celebrity here)?”

For one thing, celebs, Instagram influencers, and even your Facebook friends who post “thinspiration” selfies on the reg, have learned how to position themselves in photos just right, so you’re seeing them at their absolute best. Factor in Photoshop, filters and editing, and you’ve got a recipe for body envy.

If you find yourself feeling sad and inadequate scrolling through your social media feeds, you might want to unfollow some of the “gymspiration” types. And if you subscribe to magazines or catalogs that consistently feature models that make you feel inadequate, cancel them.

6. Be a Friend to Yourself

Imagine if the negative voice in your head was a tiny person sitting on your shoulder or someone walking behind you all day.

“When I ask patients, ‘How would you treat this person?’ walking behind you, it provokes a strong reaction. If they get really mad, chances are, they’re not being kind to themselves,” Parker says. “Because we tolerate talk from ourselves that we would never tolerate from another person.”

Another trick I use is to question whether the unkind thought you just unleashed upon yourself was something you’d say to your grandmother: “Would you call your grandmother fat for having another slice of pizza?”

It isn’t easy to retrain the brain to be compassionate and reasonable after a lifetime of media and social pressure about how we look. Instead of always following the path of self-doubt, it can help to envision taking another fresher, different path instead. Stepping away from some of the stories our mind tells us is hard, but we CAN create new paths, or new ways of thinking.

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#TransformationThursday: Renewing My Dream

It’s time to come face to face with MYSELF.

It’s easy to pretend like you have it all together. I hope I never come across like that, I WISH I COULD — but there is always a closet or a drawer stuffed with junk (metaphorically or literally) that I’m pretending doesn’t exist. I struggle every single day in different ways, and I truly believe I’ve been in a darker season of my life in the couple years — but I’ve been to DARKER PLACES, and the big man always, always, always is faithful and uses those dark seasons to lead us to the brightest light. (I’ve learned this only from experience)

After struggling with body image and food in my early twenties and finally becoming healthy and independent — now being 15 pounds heavier than my FITTEST self is a huge blow to my confidence — especially as a coach. I know SO many can relate to this idea, whether you’ve reached your goal weight in the past or not.

What I’ve come to learn and appreciate about Beachbody and the community that we are able to create as individuals and groups is that this isn’t about PERFECTION, and I’m living the lesson as I slowly continue to get stronger within myself everyday.

It’s been too long since I’ve shared my personal fitness journey because I’ve been afraid.

  • I’ve been afraid to step out into the light and be judged.
  • I’ve been afraid to admit that I haven’t valued myself enough to put my own health and happiness first.
  • I’ve been afraid to let other people down.
  • I’ve been afraid to confront the demons that I have about my own worth and share them publicly.


I started losing myself when I lost sight of my dream. I was going through the motions and realized that I didn’t have an end goal — I didn’t have a REASON to fight, I was letting other people’s versions of success, ideal image of beauty and opinions (and “perceived opinions”) take over my habits and paralyze me. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve felt like I was JUST DOING SOMETHING FOR ME.

My throat is closing and my eyes are welling up with tears, but it’s time to restart my journey and share it WITHOUT FEAR of looking like a failure, like I wasn’t strong enough or “committed enough” in the first place and to RE-INSPIRE MYSELF and others … but myself first and foremost.

I know there are hundreds of you reading this that may never click “LIKE” but feel afraid in some way to recommit. It may be to your faith, to your fitness, to your DREAM, to your marriage, to your friendships, to your family or to just simply loving yourself for EXACTLY who God made you to be. I can’t let you give up, and I can’t let the fear of judgement from negative people (who are out there, loud and proud) stop us from reaching the heights we deserve to reach and becoming the people we were designed to become.

Dreams are renewable.

No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

I’m RENEWING my dream to feel STRONG and HEALTHY above all else and honor my body first and foremost so I can show up to be the best me for the people I am blessed enough to have in my life.

I URGE you today to RENEW YOUR DREAM TOO. No matter where you are, it’s time to unwrap and begin building that dream in your heart.