4th Annual Bikini Bootcamp Challenge


It’s that AMAZING time of year again! Target has all of their adorable bathing suits lined up and calling our names! But… if you’re like I was… last thing you want to do is get your body in a bikini right now. So…. I’m going to help you switch the mindset around!.. I’ve been working for the last 2 months on a fun new meal plan and workout routine that I think you’re really going to LOVE!

Starting April 2nd, we will kick off our 4th Annual Bikini Bootcamp Challenge to get you ready for those spring and summer vacations and get your feeling like the ROCKSTAR we know you are!

In this bootcamp, you will receive…

  • A full 30-60-90 day workout regimen depending on your goals
  • A meal plan to pair with your workouts
  • Grocery shopping list and meal prep assistance
  • My 1 on 1 coaching
  • Group accountability and support
  • Results that you are excited to share out by the pool or the beach this summer!

Fill out the form below for more information and we’ll set up a time to chat about your goals and get you rockin’ and rollin’!!!

So excited to help you ROCK that bathing suit this year!

XOXO ~FitByWhit


3rd Annual Bikini Bootcamp Challenge

Bikini Body Bootcamp (250x250).png

3rd Annual Bikini Bootcamp Challenge

Give me 6 weeks to coach you, and we will get you feeling AMAZING about the upcoming bathing suit season and spring break!!! I have a Punta Cana vacation coming up, too, so I’m going to be right there with you… hittin’ every rep and clean meal alongside you. Failure is not an option.

I tried out the full plan and used myself as the test subject for the workouts and the meal plans, and I really think you’re going to LOVE it!!!

Even if you’re on spring break during part of it, no worries! We got you covered with:

  • Tips for eating healthy while traveling
  • Workouts you can do while traveling‍
  • Tips for revving up your metabolism
  • Tons of support & motivation!!
  • Plus, everyone will be replacing one meal a day with Shakeology
  • And prizes at the end!!

Applications Closed

Women’s Health & Fitness Kickstart!

Womens GroupWomen’s Health & Fitness Kickstart

I will be kicking off a brand new women’s group in March with a goal of helping each lady, no matter her current fitness level, get back into a regular workout routine that she enjoys – as well as helping each woman with her nutrition (healthy meal plans and recipes included)! This group is open to ALL levels and ages of women – whether she lives in SLO or wants to participate remotely!

Challenge groups are a place filled with motivation, inspiration, LOVE, knowledge, and all the support needed to reach your goals! You’ll get:

  • Free fitness coach (That’s me!)
  • Loads of motivation
  • Support from myself and other fellow challengers
  • Daily clean eating ideas and recipes
  • You get connect with others who are striving to reach similar goals to you
  • Real life talk
  • New friendships
  • Chance to win prizes

Applications Closed

21 Days of Cleansing; 33 Pounds Lost (Between the Two of Us)!

Well, I can officially say, Paul (my boyfriend) and I kicked off February with a BANG!

WE DID IT!! 21 days accomplished! Can’t believe how our bodies changed from the inside out throughout the course of this Ultimate Reset Cleanse! 33 POUNDS LOST between the two of us.

Whitneys Transformation.jpg   pauls-transformation

Our goal was NEVER to lose weight… our goals were to kick our sugar addictions and see if we felt better or noticed any change by being “plant powered”

(And keep in mind, This ISN’T the kind of cleanse where you’re drinking only juice or smoothies or taking pills and hugging the whole time…. This is a WHOLE FOOD cleanse where we had HUGE PORTIONS of delicious food like….

  • Baked salmon and asparagus
  • Southwestern Veggie tacos
  • Eggs and toast
  • Vegetarian sushi rolls
  • Roasted Red Pepper Bisque
  • Acorn Squash with garlic-tahini filling

The results were pretty profound for both of us!

  • Energy levels skyrocketed
  • Workouts got better
  • Our moods improved
  • Skin cleared up
  • Salt and Sugar cravings went away
  • Bloating disappeared
  • Digestion and movements became super regular
  • We slept sooooo much better
  • Our clothes fit so much looser

If you’re in NEED of a “reset button” for your mood, your diet, your workouts, your nutrition, or even your relationship, Paul and I will both tell you, this cleanse could be just that for you!!

We want to pay this forward to more people who just feel STUCK… So I’m going to be hosting a group of men and women through this same cleanse in March, so if you’re ready to make some pretty big CHANGES in your life and you want to “go big” with us… let’s do it!!!! Just fill out the form with your name and email below. Then, I’ll send you everything you want to know about how we did it, what our tips and tricks are, and we’ll see if this might be right for you!

You’ve got nothing to lose but the toxins and icky build up inside of you!

You can do anything for 21 days!!!

Sign Up for more information on my March 21-Day Cleanse group


20 Days of FITmas Challenge Group is Here!

7 - holiday hustle png

🌲🎅🏼 20 Days of FITmas is HERE! 🌲🎅🏼

… let’s HUSTLE before the HOLIDAY!

I am hosting a “Home for the Holidays” animal shelter adoption drive, where we are raising funds to help pay the adoption fees and find homes for as many homeless doggies as possible throughout November and December, so the doggies have warm comfy homes for Christmas and the New Year.

To raise enough funds for our furry friends, I am offering 20 days of health and fitness coaching along with workout and meal plans, a month of Shakeology, and an optional 3 day cleanse package to help all of us stay clean and healthy throughout the holidays! (Not to say we can’t enjoy the holiday foods, but this is just a fun package I want to offer to help people not gain weight over the holidays and kick off those New Years’ Resolutions the right way!)

The money raised from the workout and nutrition packages will all go toward paying the adoption fees of homeless pups to find them all their FOREVER homes for Christmas! (You will receive a picture and a story of a dog that you sponsored this Holiday season!)

I would love to have you in the health and fitness cleanse challenge, and together we can save a great number of our furry friends along the way! SO… you get to give yourself this gift of TAKING CARE of yourself while GIVING BACK and FEELING AMAZING this year – and then you are DONE and get to celebrate the holiday knowing you are ENDING the year healthier than you began it!!

Application Closed

P.S. All proceeds go to the SLO animal shelter adoption department and are tax deductible

Upcoming Turkey Trot Challenge Group!

Upcoming Turkey Trot Challenge Group

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday for getting the family together and eating some REALLY GREAT FOOD! (By far my FAVORITE holiday!) So why is it that we eat enough for 3 people and feel disgusting the next day?

Wouldn’t it be nice to go into the holiday 10 pounds down already, wake up early on Thanksgiving morning, go for a run with your community at a local Turkey Trot, and just kick the day and the Holiday Season off right? I’m hosting a 3 week to Turkey Trot running group, and I’m inviting you!

There is nothing better then coming home after the Turkey Trot, taking a shower, and feeling fantastic as you make your side dish and meet up with your family. **(…Might even encourage you to eat a little less because you feel like such a rockstar after your run!) If that sounds like how you want to spend your thanksgiving morning, I invite you to join my running group that starts November 1st.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Weekly run/walk plan and challenge
  • A 4-week clean eating meal plan (You’re gonna need the superfoods for recovering post workout!)
  • Tips on walking, running, stretching, and eating and how to not get injured as you train!
  • A 3-day cleansing push to help you lose those last pesky pounds before Turkey day!
  • Daily motivational posts on our private, interactive smart phone app
  • Where to find your local event and how to prepare for the morning of!

If you are reading this and interested in doing something new, fun, and good for yourself please fill out this quick application, (application closed) and I will be in touch! Please invite your significant others, friends, and loved ones and make this a family event!

October/November 6 Week Test Group!

Upcoming Test Group

I am looking for 10 men and women who have 15+ pounds to lose in the months of September and October. Participants will be part of my TEST GROUP, where we all participate and encourage each other for 6 weeks. Each challenger will receive…

  • Daily Workouts
  • Full Healthy Meal Plans
  • Personal Training
  • Motivation & Accountability
  • Healthy Recipes & Daily Coaching to Achieve Your Goals!

If you’d like to be considered for one of the 10 positions, fill out this quick Challenge Group Application (application closed), and I will be in contact with you to set up a consultation! Deadline to register is September 21st so mark your calendars and get ready for a great month ahead!

And please don’t hesitate to message me for more details via email or social media!