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Hey there!! So happy to see you! Thanks for stopping by! I am first and foremost a lover of all things fitness. I have two FUR babies that are MY WORLD! I have a PASSION for healthy eating & rescuing the homeless dogs of the world… and I am obsessed with helping men and women lose physical, financial and emotional weight! I LOVE food, healthy recipes, motivational stories and anything that makes me SMILE!

I graduated college, quit my full time finance job, and whipped out my entrepreneur books, leaving behind everything I knew and taking a big risk, in order to live out my DREAM to help as many people as remotely possible realize that fitness and healthy living can be fun.

Three years later, I’ve achieved the title of Entrepreneur, Ironman, CEO, and  have also achieved financial freedom, and I vow everyday to be the driving force that leads you, loves you, and pushes you to CHASE yours incredible goals and DREAMS.

I’m looking for other women and men who are PASSIONATE about health, have a LOVE for fitness, a DREAM to fulfill, and a HEART to serve! Whether you’re stuck in a cubicle like I was, a personal trainer suffocating from the impossible work hours, or just a person that knows you were meant for something so much more…I am here to show you the way!