To London & Back! What a Month!

London Airport

What an incredible journey and month it has been! I spent the last couple weeks in London with one of my fellow coaches where we were on the ground floor of launching the Beachbody coaching business in the U.K. We met some of the most incredible people while we there, and dove into the fitness culture, going to bootcamps in the park, Adidas running groups throughout the city, and trying out as many gyms as possible to get a sense of what the idea around fitness and nutrition is and how we can help people get started on living a healthier life.

It was incredible to see how many people were waiting for the Beachbody coaching opportunity to finally come to the UK and how excited they were to get started with the process of helping their friends and family with health and fitness. Definitely did not know a soul before going over there, and coming home now I have a whole new extension of the FitFam! We got 10 new women started with their own at-home business, so now they can help people in their communities start living healthier each and every day! The tentative plan is to head back at the end of the month as well and help 20 more men and women launch their businesses.

Arrived home late on the 23rd and headed up to Redding to be with my dad while he recovers from his should replacement surgery. I think one of the things I love most about this career path I chose is being able to be there for the people I love the most when they need me. One of my friends messaged me the other day and said, “Where are you off to now? Do you ever work?” And to that, I just smiled and said, “I can work from anywhere! And I designed it that way.”

It was always so important to me to have a career where I wouldn’t be shackled to a cubicle or a physical location, or the demands of a boss and his/her hours. I always wanted FREEDOM to travel, to be there for my family, to work from a coffee shop in any part of the world, and to really just LIVE EVERY MOMENT of this life to its fullest.

Fresh out of college, I experienced two years of building someone else’s dream (aka working for someone else), and it was the most draining and disheartening experience to not feel like I had a purpose or a choice in my own day.

So now… with the launch of my team in the U.K., Canada, and obviously here in the U.S., I get to teach other people how to live that dream of following their passions and living a life of purpose. I get to help them start their own business from home or from wherever they want to be. I hope to pass this gift on to hundreds more people throughout this year and next year and show anyone who wants my mentorship and guidance, that they absolutely can turn their passions into their career… and spend as many precious moments as they can with the ones they love.

As we end the month, it will be so fun to go back to SLO and see Paul and Brodie for a few days and then out to Las Vegas for our annual Leadership Retreat where Beachbody spoils us with incredible training from keynote speakers and authors, workouts and lessons from the world’s best personal trainers, and a week of amazing knowledge of how to help more people all over the world.

November will also be birthday celebrations for the BIG 2-8!!!! I’m now just a couple years away from 3 decades old! Where does the time go?!?! I told Paul… IDEAL birthday celebration is something having to do with doggies, exercise, a small group of friends, dinner, and board games after!!! (I love keeping it simple and fun!) Can’t wait for another great year ahead!

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