August Life & Business Update!

WOW!!! Where did the summer go?!?! I sure tried to make the most of it and squeezed in as much as I could this past month!

July marked my 5th trip to the annual Beachbody coach convention, and it was so great taking so many of my coaches from my team to the event this year in New Orleans! We were able to soak in all the new fitness and nutrition industry information and learn about all the new exciting products coming out in the next year. One highlight of the trip was when we set the new WORLD RECORD for the most people working out in one place at one time. We took over the city streets around the Mercedes Benz Superdome and worked out for 90 minutes with over 25,000 people from all ability levels, all shapes and sizes, and all walks of life. It was one of the most inspiring moments of all time. The second highlight of the trip (and of my life) was taking the stage and talking to a team of thousands of coaches, sharing with them tips and tricks of how I built my business, how I’ve become successful in this industry, and how they can do the same. I was then asked to walk across stage at the Mercedes Benz Superdome to be recognized as the leader of one of the top teams in the business and for reaching a rank that very few coaches and teams have ever achieved. This was a huge moment for me because I remember my very first Summit Event (located in Las Vegas) as a brand new coach, sitting in the audience and thinking to myself… one day I will be up on that stage. One day, I will lead a team to greatness and create a life of freedom for myself and others. And this year was the year that that dream came true. Very surreal moment.

Back home, we had such a fun month full of hot summer nights and great country music. Every year, the California Mid State Fair takes place about 30 minutes from San Luis, and we thoroughly enjoy the big name bands that perform each night during the two week festival! This year, Paul (my boyfriend) and I, along with a few friends enjoyed The Zac Brown Band, The Band Perry, and (my FAVORITE) Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood! I’m a country girl through and through! Take me to a country concert to win me over! LOL

Huge news for my family this past month has been my cousin, Chris, getting called up to the Major Leagues and becoming the oldest pitcher in A’s history to ever start a game!!! He has played so so well, and it is so crazy to watch him strike out some of the greatest batters in the MLB… and we had the good fortune to go to San Francisco this month and watch him pitch against the Giants! I am a die-hard Giants fan so seeing him shut down Buster Posey and Brandon Crawford was pretty surreal! I love me some Giants, but I had to root for my cousin above all else! Such a great game, and we are so incredibly proud of him and thoroughly enjoying this summer of baseball watching him live out his dream!

BIG BIG NEWS in my online health and fitness business was announced this past month!!! We are expanding our online coaching business to the U.K., and I get to be one of the coaches to head up the expansion! I am so excited about meeting new friends and fitness enthusiasts in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland! It is now (more than ever) such an exciting time to be a part of the Beachbody community because we are about to bring the coaching opportunity and this amazing health and fitness lifestyle to 65 million new people abroad! If you’d like to be a part of the International Team and work from the US with the expansion, I am looking for people to help with the growth!. Message me, and we can chat about more details or jump into my U.K. Coaching Sneak Peek group to see what to expect in the coming months as a coach!


And…. our personal news…. The Small/Barr household will be ready to move into this coming weekend!!! We get the keys, all the improvements have been completed, and we are sooooo excited to move into our NEW HOME! I think the aspects I’m most excited about are decorating the house and making it a HOME, enjoying the much larger space with our puppies (they finally have their own doggie door and yard!), being so close to incredible hiking trails and a big lake, and starting this next exciting chapter of our lives together!!! I’ll post pictures of the house on my personal Facebook page this week so be sure to add me (if we are not already friends)!

Our First Home

Cheers to a happy & healthy month,


P.S. We had such an incredible response to the first round of our SHIFT SHOP test group last month with over 70 people jumping in and changing up their daily workouts and meals and now the results are coming in a and they are phenomenal! 9-10 pounds down on average, so many inches lost, women and men feeling like they are getting their health back, and before and after pictures that will probably earn these challengers a spot in the upcoming infomercial for the new program!

We have been so inspired by the results that I’d like to open up a second TEST GROUP for those of you that may have been on vacation or missed the start date of the 1st round because of fun summer plans!!! …. Our next group will begin at the end of August and it’s not too late to jump in!!!… if you’re ready to be part of this amazing new workout community, receive the full meal plans and grocery shopping lists, and you’re ready to commit to changing your body or your health, please fill out the “I’m interested!” form below, so that I can send you the details and we can get you set up with what you will need to be successful! I’m excited to start a second round of 70+ test groupers and would LOVE for you to be one of clients that I work with one-on-one.

Interested in joining 70+ SHIFT SHOP test groupers? Fill out your name & email below! I’ll be in touch ASAP with all the details.


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