Ronna’s Life-Changing Transformation!

Omg omg omg!!! Please help me give a HUGE SHOUTOUT to this amazing woman right here!! My cousin Ronna!!!!

Ronna has ALWAYS been someone I have looked up to so much in life, and now she has become my #1 accountability buddy with all of our 21 Day Fix workouts and our daily Shakeology beverages and meal plan!!!

She has the greatest work ethic and FIGHT of any woman I know, and there isn’t one thing you could throw at Ronna that she couldn’t overcome!!! She is the strongest woman in all senses of the word, and I so much aspire to be like her one day!

I sent this picture to Ronna yesterday and said… “do you even recognize that woman on the left?”

Healthy Lifestyle Transformation

She allowed me to share her MIND BLOWING transformation today because we know that there are other women out there that feel like Ronna felt, and we know that her story can inspire those women to just START… and even if it’s small… just make little changes here or there as you begin your journey.

If her story and her transformation can help one woman, if it can help save one life… that’s what it’s all about!!!

Ronna is the first to recognize that this has been a “very long process of re-training the right portion size. Along with mild exercise and just trying to eat healthy!”

After her first baby Corben, Ronna lost almost all the baby weight and then got pregnant with her second baby. She says that all the bad habits started again after he was born. For the next 8 years (and two more amazing children) after that, she kept eating with very little exercise.

It wasn’t until 2011 that she decided she was ready TO MAKE A CHANGE!

It has taken 6 years for her to achieve the PHENOMENAL shape she is in today! The old ways of eating and being stagnant are “in her rear view mirror now.”

There is NOTHING that will get in her way of achieving her goals!!! She is the most selfless hard working woman and Mom I know!!!

I am soooo excited to be by her side on this journey and watch her getting stronger and stronger by the minute with 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme.

She makes it a point to make her Shakeology cafe latte, strawberry, or chocolate every day and she sticks to her portion control containers and good group counts that the meal plans outline as much as she can!!!

Are there still days where she enjoys a treat or dessert?! HECK YA! She’s a “Smith” afterall… I CAN SAY THAT BEING IN THE SMITH FAMILY…. WE WERE BORN WITH SWEET TOOTHS!Are there day’s where she doesn’t feel like working out?! ABSOLUTELY!!

But guess what?! It’s the 80/20 RULE! And it’s the compound effect!! Good smart healthy choices over time, compound and PAY OFF!!!

The results will come!! Can you imagine what you could achieve if you gave yourself 6 years to be on this journey?!

THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS, and Ronna is a true testament to show us all what’s possible!!!

Thank you for inspiring us all Ronna and for being amazing, authentic, incredible YOU!

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