Tears of Happiness and Sadness This Month

It’s been such a fun-packed month since I last caught up with you. Many happy moments and a few very sad moments as well. Let’s start with the happy ones, and we’ll get to the sad ones in a sec….

Whitney with Shake (250x250)

I had the amazing good fortune of being selected to attend the New Leaders Conference this year for Beachbody. It is for all of the rising new leaders in the company where we were spoiled all weekend with gourmet food, gorgeous accommodations, key-note speakers, and amazing learning experiences from the VERY best coaches and trainers in this country about HOW TO BE BETTER coaches and leaders within our own teams and organizations. I left the weekend with a journal full of so many ideas and notes that I started implementing right away when I got home and will continue to share with my clients and FitFam throughout the course of the year.

Whitney and Her Mom After Knee Surgery (250x250)

I was able to make a trip up to Redding to surprise my mom and take care of her after her shoulder surgery. She is recovering so quickly (thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers!). I thought I’d finally get to wait on her hand and foot while I was there, but she was up and about feeling ready to jump back on her bicycle and go out (later frowned upon by the doctor) …. But it gives me high hopes that my surgery will go as well this year! I hope I recuperate as fast as she has been!

SLO Health and Fitness Expo Booth (250x250)

And this past weekend, my team hosted a booth at the San Luis Health and Fitness Expo (a long-time dream of mine!), and we got to talk to so many amazing people who came by! We sampled Shakeology energy bars of all flavors as well as our Ironman-endorsed performance line of workout beverages! Both were a huge hit, and we even added a few new coaches to the DreamBuilders Tribe over the weekend! (Mostly personal trainers and stay at home moms who want to make a little side income!) It makes my heart soar to see the team growing in the way that it is and so many people being helped through our health and fitness products and coaching.

Whitney and Pat - 92 Year Old Fitness Client (250x250)

As for the sad moments, I’m sorry to say that the world lost one of it’s greatest women this month. My client and great friend Pat Earl passed on March 6th. Pat lived life with the humor and outlook that I wish to emulate every single day. She was the first to laugh at herself, or my “ugly mutt of a dog” as she referred to Kona or Poly (not even close to the beauty of her pure bred Aussie) , she was always up for anything I threw her way, whether it was some crazy new machine at the gym or a fun interview about her life, and she loved the thought of us going out together and buying new trendy workout clothes she could bust out at the gym to show off her guns! (I wish so much there was one more day you were here so we could have made that adventure a reality Pat… I know it would have been filled with great laughs!)

I will treasure our mornings together and our breakfast times after, sitting out admiring the golf course, with our waffles, bacon (had to be crispy!), and maple syrup…. and me listening intently to all of her stories about life… hanging on to each word and wondering “how in the world do I live a life like this woman?”

She taught me so much and she went out at the top of her game… just as I hope to one day… 92 years young and still kickin’ butt and takin’ names!!!

If you want to know Pat’s secrets to a long and healthy life, here’s a short clip I filmed with her a few months ago… you can just see what a light and joy she brought to this world…. absolutely amazing woman. We love you Pat…. check in on us every now and again and make sure we’re not taking life too seriously please!

Pats Secrets to a Long Healthy Life Video


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