Chicken and Pear Salad

Spinach, honey, and pears make this dish sweet, savory, and delicious. The skin of a pear contains about four times as many phytonutrients as the flesh, and about half of the fruit’s total fiber, so if you prefer to, you can leave the skin on in this recipe.

Chicken and Pear Salad

Chicken and Pear Salad Recipe

Total Time: 10 min.
Prep Time: 10 min.
Cooking Time: None
Yield: 4 servings

1 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
2 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar
1 tsp. raw honey
6 cups fresh spinach
8 oz cooked chicken breasts, boneless, skinless, chopped
2 medium pears, peeled, sliced
¼ cup chopped raw walnuts
1 oz crumbled feta cheese

1. Combine oil, vinegar, and honey in a small bowl; whisk to blend. Set aside.
2. Place spinach, chicken, pears, and walnuts in a large bowl; mix well.
3. Drizzle salad with dressing; toss gently to blend.
4. Divide evenly between 4 plates; sprinkle evenly with cheese.

Nutrition Facts (per serving):
Calories: 264
Total Fat: 12 g
Total Carbs: 19 g (Fiber: 4 g; Sugars: 12 g)
Protein: 21 g

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