Women’s Health & Fitness Kickstart!

Womens GroupWomen’s Health & Fitness Kickstart

I will be kicking off a brand new women’s group in March with a goal of helping each lady, no matter her current fitness level, get back into a regular workout routine that she enjoys – as well as helping each woman with her nutrition (healthy meal plans and recipes included)! This group is open to ALL levels and ages of women – whether she lives in SLO or wants to participate remotely!

Challenge groups are a place filled with motivation, inspiration, LOVE, knowledge, and all the support needed to reach your goals! You’ll get:

  • Free fitness coach (That’s me!)
  • Loads of motivation
  • Support from myself and other fellow challengers
  • Daily clean eating ideas and recipes
  • You get connect with others who are striving to reach similar goals to you
  • Real life talk
  • New friendships
  • Chance to win prizes

Applications Closed

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