21 Days of Cleansing; 33 Pounds Lost (Between the Two of Us)!

Well, I can officially say, Paul (my boyfriend) and I kicked off February with a BANG!

WE DID IT!! 21 days accomplished! Can’t believe how our bodies changed from the inside out throughout the course of this Ultimate Reset Cleanse! 33 POUNDS LOST between the two of us.

Whitneys Transformation.jpg   pauls-transformation

Our goal was NEVER to lose weight… our goals were to kick our sugar addictions and see if we felt better or noticed any change by being “plant powered”

(And keep in mind, This ISN’T the kind of cleanse where you’re drinking only juice or smoothies or taking pills and hugging the whole time…. This is a WHOLE FOOD cleanse where we had HUGE PORTIONS of delicious food like….

  • Baked salmon and asparagus
  • Southwestern Veggie tacos
  • Eggs and toast
  • Vegetarian sushi rolls
  • Roasted Red Pepper Bisque
  • Acorn Squash with garlic-tahini filling

The results were pretty profound for both of us!

  • Energy levels skyrocketed
  • Workouts got better
  • Our moods improved
  • Skin cleared up
  • Salt and Sugar cravings went away
  • Bloating disappeared
  • Digestion and movements became super regular
  • We slept sooooo much better
  • Our clothes fit so much looser

If you’re in NEED of a “reset button” for your mood, your diet, your workouts, your nutrition, or even your relationship, Paul and I will both tell you, this cleanse could be just that for you!!

We want to pay this forward to more people who just feel STUCK… So I’m going to be hosting a group of men and women through this same cleanse in March, so if you’re ready to make some pretty big CHANGES in your life and you want to “go big” with us… let’s do it!!!! Just fill out the form with your name and email below. Then, I’ll send you everything you want to know about how we did it, what our tips and tricks are, and we’ll see if this might be right for you!

You’ve got nothing to lose but the toxins and icky build up inside of you!

You can do anything for 21 days!!!

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