“Love YOURSELF First!”Challenge Group

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“Love YOURSELF First!” Challenge Group

One YEAR. $199. ALL ACCESS! (what the heck does that mean?)

I’m on a mission to help other men and women get out of the funk that I was in 3 years ago! I was underweight, lacking confidence, tired, fresh off a nasty breakup, and I wasn’t taking care of me…. Can you relate?? Are you that person?? Well I’m here to help & Beachbody just made it super easy with the ALL ACCESS challenge pack!
It’s BRAND NEW and it was just released this month!!!! Ahhhh!! I can’t wait! Here’s what you can expect:

  • ACCESS to every single program Beachbody has ever launched. INCLUDING any launches in 2017!
  • EVERY nutrition plan, including a cooking show & my favorite recipes and staples!!
  • Portion control container system!
  • 30 days of my FAVORITE superfood shake!!! It’s not just a protein shake!! It’s loaded with crazy healthy foods… SHAKEOLOGY
  • You get ME all year!!! You can be in my monthly challenge groups!! We’re kicking it off in February with our “Love Yourself First” challenge group.

Listed above are the tools that helped me to maintain my proper weight, gain my confidence back and to live the life I deserved!! You can be next!!!

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