Upcoming Turkey Trot Challenge Group!

Upcoming Turkey Trot Challenge Group

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday for getting the family together and eating some REALLY GREAT FOOD! (By far my FAVORITE holiday!) So why is it that we eat enough for 3 people and feel disgusting the next day?

Wouldn’t it be nice to go into the holiday 10 pounds down already, wake up early on Thanksgiving morning, go for a run with your community at a local Turkey Trot, and just kick the day and the Holiday Season off right? I’m hosting a 3 week to Turkey Trot running group, and I’m inviting you!

There is nothing better then coming home after the Turkey Trot, taking a shower, and feeling fantastic as you make your side dish and meet up with your family. **(…Might even encourage you to eat a little less because you feel like such a rockstar after your run!) If that sounds like how you want to spend your thanksgiving morning, I invite you to join my running group that starts November 1st.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Weekly run/walk plan and challenge
  • A 4-week clean eating meal plan (You’re gonna need the superfoods for recovering post workout!)
  • Tips on walking, running, stretching, and eating and how to not get injured as you train!
  • A 3-day cleansing push to help you lose those last pesky pounds before Turkey day!
  • Daily motivational posts on our private, interactive smart phone app
  • Where to find your local event and how to prepare for the morning of!

If you are reading this and interested in doing something new, fun, and good for yourself please fill out this quick application, (application closed) and I will be in touch! Please invite your significant others, friends, and loved ones and make this a family event!

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