5 Minute Flat Abs Workout

Happy Fit Friday! Trying to fit in ONE MORE workout before the weekend? This core workout takes less than 5 minutes and can easily be done once when you wake up and once before you go to bed. Combined with some awesome nutrition, it will help yield you the tummy you’ve been looking for!


Here we go!:
20 crunches: knees in air and ankles crossed
20 crunches: right leg straight and elevated and left leg bent
20 crunches: left leg straight and elevated and right leg bent
40 criss-cross toe touches: opposite hand to opposite toe. (Shoulders come off the ground)
20 windshield wipers: legs stay straight and fall at 45 degree angle back and forth
20 leg lifts
40 bicycles: (see the picture posted)
2 x 1 minute plank holds

And that = happy ABS!!!! Remember… Abs are 20% strengthening and 80% diet, so if you want them to show, eat well! For more fitness & meal plan ideas, stay tuned!

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