Join the thousands of men and women making the choice to DO SOMETHING!

Womens Group

I want to help you…

– Create a workout schedule that fits your LIFE

– Stay accountable to being HEALTHY inside and out

– Learn how to eat the foods you LOVE in the right portions

– Become EMPOWERED to change your life!

But… most importantly, I want to be your cheerleader when you don’t believe in yourself, celebrate you when you have great successes, and be there for you when life is getting a little out of control.

It doesn’t matter where you live, how in shape or out of shape you are, or how BUSY your life is right now… everything we do is on YOUR time and 100% VIRTUAL. So if you are ready to make a change, push your fears aside, and put yourself FIRST so you can find your very best self… then…




I have led hundreds of men and women into living healthier lives. They finally find the support & encouragement they need to reach their fitness goals. I work closely with them in monthly Challenge Groups! These individuals learn to maintain healthy lifestyles & inspire many!


Photo of Whitney Small - owner of Fit by Whit


I am one of the TOP leaders in my network. I have bridged the gap between personal training and online coaching and teach other personal trainers and group fitness instructors how to build a flexible, mobile, but POWERFUL home business. Hundreds of men and women have now created incredible freedom for their families… that they weren’t able to achieve while shackled to personal training hours or a boss’ controlling schedule. I am the founder of Team DreamBuilders & the success of the team is a result of helping so many people live healthier, more fulfilling lives.



From healthy living tips to business tricks, encouragement to tutorials, rescue dogs, faith & fitness, recipes, triathlon and family…. this is a home for a variety of fun-filled living. Grow, learn, and join the community where normal people become extraordinary just by taking a leap of faith to believe in themselves!